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December 14, 2018

In December, at Training Kings, North London, Christian Business Dinner event we were privileged to have our very own business guru, Brian Armstrong speak on goal setting and how to achieve those goals. This was a perfect topic to end the year on in order to help us to set our goals for the new year ahead.


Brian started his presentation by stating, ‘man plans, but the Lord directs his steps’. So first and foremost, we were reminded that we must ensure that our plans are from God, and to trust in Him. We shouldn’t be focused on what God has given to others, but to focus on what God has called us as individuals to do, to focus on our own assignment from God. Although challenges in life and in business are inevitable, by trusting God with our plans and goals for the future, we would avoid stress and our paths would become smoother.


Here are some of the highlights from this informative and insightful presentation.


1.Start With Your Why


You need to ask yourself why you want that goal. What will motivate and stir up emotions in you to reach that goal. (Money should not be an incentive). You also need to find out why you have never been able to achieve this goal in the past; what barriers did you come across.


2. What Will You Need to do Differently


It is important to become objective in order to do things differently. You need to identify what individual steps you need to take.


3. How Are You Going to Do It

  • Think about accountability.

  • Give yourself deadlines for achieving your goals and be specific.

  • Get a plan. Never fail to plan.

  • You need to be realistic with your goals, but it is also necessary to stretch those goals.

  • Look at your SWOT analysis, and how to fill the gaps in your knowledge (do you decide to outsource or learn a new skill).

  • It is essential to know what hurdles you will face and how to overcome them.


Brian concluded by affirming that we should always invest in ourselves and to learn, read and gain more knowledge. It is also important to understand, and face our fears, and view our problems and hurdles as challenges.


Training Kings was founded by Samuel Leeds in 2014 and exists to inspire and equip Christians to be successful in Business and provide support for the journey. We meet on the first Tuesday for dinner each month, and we would love to have you join us. All dates and details can be found on www.trainingkings.co.uk/events .


Jacinta Buckle

Training Kings Member & Virtual Ministry Assistant




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