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November 5, 2018

At our Wolverhampton Business Breakfast event in November we heard from Property Investor Sue Gray, who shared nuggets of wisdom about ‘Success’. Here are some of the highlights from the fantastic presentation that was given.


Three things that are going to help you be more successful in life and business


1. Identify that you are in the right ‘Field’ whether for vocation or business, and make sure it’s an area that you enjoy, and find rewarding. For Business specifically ensure its a field where you can be profitable and a model that can be repeatable. What can you do once, and get paid multiple times for, or what will people need more than once. 


2. Get Training / Knowledge. It’s important that you know enough to be professional and an expert in your industry. You can get trained very quickly in various ways such as reading, shadowing, e-learning. Spend time with people who are where you want to be, volunteer, pay but find the in-roads. Be creative and think outside the box


3. Commitment – there is an astronomical amount of effort needed to be successful. If you read the biographies of highly successful individuals they mentally prepare, they take risks and remain intent. They are highly focussed, they keep going in the face of opposition and defeat. If you want to give yourself every chance of success you need to be highly committed.


On the journey to success you can expect to receive ridicule from others, even those close to you. There may be scorn as well because of the sacrifices you are willing to make that seem absurd, however in time you can expect to receive respect and eventually they will be asking you for help! Wherever you are on your journey keep going. 


Training Kings was founded by Samuel Leeds in 2014, and exists to inspire and equip Christians to be successful in Business, and provide support for the journey. We meet on the first Saturday for Breakfast each month, and we would love to have you join us. All dates and details can we found on www.trainingkings.co.uk/events




Francesca McDowall

Wolverhampton Host 




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