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October 22, 2018

On the 11th of October 2018, at Training Kings Oxford, we were very privileged to have Kenneth Ejiofor deliver a very moving presentation on the importance of relationships in Business. Here he shared powerfully about taking the world for Christ even in our businesses.


Kenneth reminded us that the richest individuals amount to only 1 percent of the overall population globally, yet owns 50.1 percent of the world’s riches. (These are thought provoking statistics.)  As Christians in business, there are no valid reasons why we cannot become part of this quota. These individuals are powerful. They know what it takes to be successful in business, and further they know how to manage themselves and other people in the wealth creation process.  Consequently, because the world is a global village the influence that they have and its impact is far reaching and all encompassing.     


When God made man He gave him a clear mandate to have dominion on the earth. On this basis the earth is our marketplace, therefore, we ought to be having greater influence on the world than we do currently.     


According to Kenneth, after the Father, Son and Holy Spirit comes Bill Gates! However, we need to remind ourselves that God has placed inside of each of us, everything we need to be successful. As a Christian we too can influence the world through our businesses and by getting plugged into Christian Business Networks. 


The advantages of being a Christian in business are many, including: Our increased ability to help advance the Kingdom of God by reaching the world more effectively; we can help to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ by feeding the poor and sponsoring missions work; offer support to local and national charities. 


Importantly, Christian Business Networks also provide the opportunity to both associate with, and support other Christians in business. We therefore need to form stronger business alliances and favour each other in business. 


We are equipped y God to perform better than any other people group in the world. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and will help us in all of our endeavours. Let us not be unfaithful servant (Luke 16:8). 


So again, be reminded that we do have what it takes to be successful in business.  We have God and we have the word.  We can do it, for God is with us.   We'd love you to join us at a future event, all details are on www.trainingkings.co.uk/events 


God Bless

Angela McDowall

Training Kings Leader 




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