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September 26, 2018


In August we were privileged to have Sally-Anne Wertheimer speak on health and nutrition at Training Kings Oxford, and it was extremely enlightening.


Sally-Anne has successfully healed herself of arthritis by adopting a healthy eating programme and adopting an effective exercise regime. In her talk to the group she shared a few key points on both attaining and maintaining overall health.


It was pointed out that the modern Western diet causes our bodies to become far too acidic. This acidic state is said to act as a breeding ground for many chronic diseases as well as give rise to other unwanted medical conditions. We need therefore to become more aware of what we put in our mouths and consider the possible consequences.


Its important to take POSITIVE Action! So what can we do then to change this negative trend concerning our health?  

  • Firstly, it is important that we take responsibility for our own health.

  • We should avoid sugars and be aware also of the hidden sugar in processed food.  

  • We ought to cut out all dairy products (Dairy products has a negative impact on the levels of calcium in our system, particularly our bones).

  • We must adopt a natural diet which includes raw living foods, as they help to regenerate the cells of our bodies. The ideal ratio is 80 percent raw an 20 percent cooked.

  • Animal products causes acidity in our system so should be avoided.

  • At least 2 litres of water should be consumed daily.

  • We need to apply self discipline and perseverance in order to be healthy.    

Remember then that our bodies are temples of the living God and we should treat them with the utmost respect. Our healthy bodies will enable us to progress well and succeed greatly in business.


Training Kings Oxford, is a Christian Business Network founded by Samuel Leeds and they meet for dinner on the second Thursday of each month. You'd be welcome to join us at an upcoming event all listed on our events page! 


God Bless


Training Kings Oxford Leaders


Disclaimer: Please note any views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely the original authors and Do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Heaven Rules ltd t/a Training Kings . The views expressed in this blog are not endorsed. please do take responsibility to evaluate your own medical and physical condition, and seek medical advice before implementing any suggestions. 




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