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September 10, 2018


Kenneth Ejiofor a Training Kings member and newly published author shared on the importance of being able to  'Overcome Disappointments in Business' at the Coventry Christian Breakfast event. Here are the key points he shared in his presentation ;


Stay Strong Always


Have faith that there Will Be A Change


Look at Opportunities and step into them with High Hopes


Everyone is chasing something, and everyone is looking to fulfill their own dream


Consider what  you want to gain & how will others may also gain from this idea


Everyone has the mentality to achieve their own goals dreams & aspirations


When things are vague, obscure and challenging it may  result in being disappointed & frustrated


Most people will meet several individuals that will say “no” to their proposal, idea or vision


Frustrations may set in when people don't think the way you expect them to think


You may ask yourself the question 

Should I quit?


To overcome disappointment & frustration

remember the vision from the start.


Every great achievement was once considered impossible.


Remember the story of David & Goliath 


You are on a Solitary Journey, so you should be able to encourage yourself just like David from the Bible who encouraged himself in the Lord.


You will still need people, who are like minded and can support you in the vision.


You keep holding on to your dream and Keep pushing for your vision because the victory is sweet.


People always celebrate with those who always win, so remember to celebrate others inter journey too! 


It was an inspirational presentation and a good reminder that everyone who has ever been successful has remained determined, resilient and overcome many disappointments. 


Training Kings was founded by Samuel Leeds in 2014 and is a Christian Business Network which exists to inspire and equip Christians to be successful in Business. We meet in Cities across the UK and you'd be welcome to join us at the next Breakfast or Dinner event! 


Remain blessed

Training Kings Leader






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