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July 10, 2018

This month at Training Kings Dinner in Manchester, we had the absolute pleasure and privilege of gleaning wisdom from Brian Armstrong who has been running his own businesses and providing advice and support to business owners on several topics, including business plans, strategic planning and accounting for over 20 years. 


Some of the topics discussed on the evening where:

Company structure and business Plan -  As the bible says, “draw a vision and make it plain”. Brian touched on how your business plan will determine your company structure, he gave insight on what a business plan should be and why it is important, but also explained how not every business plan needs to be 30 pages long with graphs and images. 


Time and workload management – We can sometimes spend months and years planning but until we implement the plan, the dream/vision will never come alive. For the most part there is not a definitive timescale of when is the right time to stop planning and implement, but when the time comes, you will know. 


Work and life balance - Brian, shared his story on how too much work can impact your mind, body, spirit and those around you. He explained how business should be a tool that you use to facilitate, and should never be the facilitator. He gave insight on setting targets, rewards and highlighted the importance on having the perspective of working in the business, rather than on the business and investing in your personal development as well as the business. 


Biggest mistakes most start ups make -  With over 20 years experience in business, Brian has identified some of the biggest and most common mistakes start ups make are; Thinking you could do it all by yourself - Famous quote from English poet John Dionne, says “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”. We discussed ways to share the responsibility and identifying whether you need to hire employees or not. Focus on what you are good at and outsource what you are not good at, to the people that are good at it.  


Under selling and under cutting yourself – Learn to say I want your business but I don’t need it. If you believe in what you are doing, focus on quality, lead with integrity, be wise but be picky. Remember, you are worth it and real success does not come over night. It takes time, persistence and consistency. 


The evening was full of quality discussions that I’m sure some, (if not all) will go on to implementing on their journeys.


We hope to see you at the next Manchester, Christian Business Dinner event.


We meet on the first Thursday of every month for networking.


Every Blessing


Grace Ndambala                             

Training Kings leader, Manchester 




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