My journey with Training Kings has lead to opportunities beyond my wildest of dreams!

June 14, 2018

Hi, my name is Caron Leo. I’m a Driving Instructor and full-time Wealth Builder, amongst several other things. I have been self-employed since May 2010, and then on 27th March 2017, I was introduced to an opportunity to build wealth through a passive income. An opportunity that would require me to ..... network.


I was not familiar with networking or the kind of events or activities this would involve, and I very quickly learnt that in order to succeed in a networking opportunity, I had to do just that - network. It would require me to come out of my comfort zone, meet and talk to new people, and go to places and do activities I have never tried.


My journey in business, so far, has taught me that my ‘network’ will determine my ‘net-worth’. Who I associate with, rub shoulders with, will ultimately develop my businesses, grow my financial wealth, equip me for business, both now and in the future, and prepare me for the challenges running business can bring.


On the 27th April 2017, I was invited to attend Training Kings, Christian Business Network, Croydon Dinner at very short notice ie one hour before the event. However, the timing was perfect and I was already near to the location. I was, however, very apprehensive. So many new faces. Will I have to speak publicly? Although I am outgoing, I am shy at times on the inside. But it was ok, I was with a kind, new networking friend who wanted to share an opportunity with me. An opportunity to network, an opportunity to cast my ‘net’. I didn’t know I would have to stand up! Gulp! And give a 60-second ‘pitch’! Gulp. And I did it! To a round of applause.


Wow! That moment of courage gave me more courage. That moment of confidence gave me more confidence. I spoke with people. They shared their purpose. I shared mine. We laughed. We smiled. I felt at home, comfortable and secure amongst like-minded individuals, who didn’t care if I stumbled over my words. Their warmth was my support and encouragement. They held me up.


I became a Training Kings Member right there in the room. I felt ready and able to commit to networking in order to share my purpose, make valuable contacts with people from all walks of life, professions and services. I had ‘dipped my toes’ and it felt nice. I had started my networking journey.


After that dinner event, I was feeling brave, and bold. I wanted to be the change that I want to see within my community. To do that I would need to seek out events to attend, and network some more. You see, I had learnt that when you connect with someone, really connect, you also connect to their network, and you never know where those connections will take you.


My journey with Training Kings has lead to opportunities beyond my wildest of dreams. It has led to becoming the ‘go to’ person for driving lessons. It has lead to opportunities to be a Speaker at events. It has lead to hosting opportunities, and it has lead to social media video opportunities.


The more I network, the more opportunities I meet. The more opportunities I meet, the greater my business becomes. So what I’m saying, what I wish to convey, is being a Member of Training Kings is not only about what you see. It’s about what you don’t see.


Training Kings is not only about networking for business purposes and having a lovely meal, it’s about your personal development and your business training, your faith and your purpose. Training Kings is about opportunities. It’s about presenting opportunities to others to grow themselves and their business. Training Kings is about ‘paying it forward’, and connecting people.


My belief is that each of us are our own brand. Even before you have a business, you are your brand, your brand is you. My brand is ‘Caron Leo’. When I develop ‘Caron Leo’, I develop my brand and my business will benefit. Training Kings develops you AND your business.


I look forward to welcoming you at our next Training Kings Chelsea Breakfast. There you will be encouraged, supported, inspired and motivated to be the best version of yourself. You will be equipped with the tools to do God’s work, through your purpose.


For the Chelsea event details and bookings, please visit


Every Blessing. See you soon.


Caron Leo

Training Kings - London Host





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