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June 6, 2018

This month at the Birmingham Breakfast Training kings event, founded by Samuel Leeds several years ago we heard from Nutritionist Mel Wakeman who shared on ‘Preventing Burnout’


Mel shared her personal story of how being a perfectionist in her work, and doing everything, but never quite being satisfied led to a burnout, where she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She also shared some of the warning signs and advised on the importance of being self-aware and not slipping back into old habits when you are on the road to recovery!


Mel shared these TIPS and TECHNIQUES for Coping with Overwhelming Stress



No-one is perfect, learn to cherish your flaws as its part of who you are. See and accept the faults in others awe are all a work in progress



Write short ‘TO-DO’ lists focussing on what’s important and urgent, and also ‘DONE’ lists. Write down and acknowledge what you have accomplished



Prioritise YOU! Realise your mental health and happiness is always far more important than any project, plan, housework or late-night email checks.



Practise self-compassion, be kind to YOU, be mindful and understand our common humanity



Bin the mobile and get a clock. This will allow you to leave your mobile in another room and remove the temptation to check, read or respond to emails/messages last thing at night and first thing in the morning



Set boundaries that work for YOU! Share what your needs are as it fosters acceptance. Schedule me time or down time as well as time with family!


It was an excellent morning and there was lots of discussion afterwards as other strategies to have a balanced life as an entrepreneur were shared. 


We hope to see you at the next Birmingham, Christian Business Breakfast event. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month for networking!


Remain blessed

Training Kings leader




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