The Truth about Branding

April 7, 2018

Marketing Expert Chris Green shared recently at Training Kings, Christian Business Network Wolverhampton Breakfast event on the subject on Branding! He delivered an informative, thought provoking and interesting presentation that challenged some misconceptions around branding, such as “Your logo is NOT your Brand”


The following points were shared and generated some great conversations and areas of learning!


  • Firstly branding can be described as an emotional experience or response to a product or service

  • People can be very passionate and have strong feelings both negatively and positively towards certain brands

  • Your logo is based on your brand, and it carries your experience

  • A brand is a feeling … what does the consumer/client ‘feel’ when you’ve left the room

  • As entrepreneurs you can influence your brand but not control it

  • The culture of the organisation can be found in the brand, when you as the leader are not there how are the other team members representing you?


Chris asked the room to go away and reflect on the WHAT of their business is then the HOW and finally the WHY! ‘Why’ you do what you do will influence your brand.


It was a great morning of learning, laughing, collaborating in business as well as enjoying a delicious breakfast. We’d love to see you at the next event more details under the ‘events’ page!


Many Blessings



Wolverhampton Host




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