Business Planning for Success

March 19, 2018

Brian Armstrong shared at the Walsall Dinner event  on “Business Planning for Success”


Business Plan - Key Components

1. Executive Summary (less than a page)
Write the vision Identify This is why I am doing it 
2. Business Profile - share the concept in a little more detail
3. Management Team
4. Marketing (What research have you done? Market penetration Customer profile social media. Different type of advertising media
Why will my business succeed while others have failed why buy from rather than anyone else?
5. Profit / Service
6. Strategy implementation (How you’re going to make it work)
7. Financial (How much it cost to get started)
8. Exit Strategy


Brian explored some of the reasons why people go into business?

  • Independence

  • Be their own boss

  • I can make more money

  • Legacy

  • Freedom

  • Work life balance

There are some challenges however, as most businesses don’t survive the first 2 years, and some individuals can find it a very lonely experience as they don’t like being and working by themselves. 


There is a story in the Bible of Elisha who went to visit a couple & stayed there a few days, he prayed that they might have a child. The couple did have a child who sadly died, but they went back & got Elisha. He through the power of God was able to bring the child back to life.


It was a reminder to “Never Bury the Vision”


Good Ideas Vs God Ideas

When it comes to fulfilling purpose, you cannot separate business from the Kingdom, you are the same person so cannot separate who you are from what you do.


The Lord would say …You haven’t chosen me but I have chosen you. There is a Royal Seal of Approval & Appointment, so if you’re called nothing & no one can stop you.


Don’t waste your time doing stuff you know that God hasn’t called you to do.


Be mindful of what you’re called to do, God will give you the strategy just like Isaiah He will cause you to profit. We are called to bring redemption to the market place, this is where Jesus went & ministered and this is what he wants us to do.To meet people where they are at you need to go to where they are.


Everything starts with the word Genesis Ch 1 …What has God said? What is the word He has given you?

The Best way to steward is to have your own business which will allow you to generate wealth for and in the Kingdom, therefore having provision to bring forth the vision


King David had great success he decided to build God a temple, it was his duty to lay up provision for Solomon to build the temple. Kings built wealth generate resources people who are front line giving up what they have for the Kingdom, means gathering provision.


We are to operate according to kingdom principles. Honesty, Integrity, adding value and being profitable. The core value for business is who you are whether a Sole Trader, Proprietor or Managing Director. Develop a culture that demonstrates who you are & how you operate.


A Man plans his way but God orders his steps, write the vision & make it plain, which will develop into your Business Plan. The Vision God has given you specifically for your niche is different from everybody else as you’re different from everybody else.


Kingdom Blessings

Darren Blackwood

Training Kings Leader




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