Emotional Intelligence for Business Success

February 26, 2018

Our Speaker at Training Kings Walsall Dinner​ was Ojele Ademu. He ​spoke on “The Place Of Emotional Intelligence in Business Success”​ and taught that emotions ​are expressed ​in ​every area of business​, as we ​deal and interact with people on  “All”  levels


Here is some of the fantastic points that were 

shared ...


The way you relate to people will ​affect your business, and can be a tool to ​analyse your business success.​

Get to a place of thinking ;


1. Consider how to apply emotions when doing business 

2. Emotions can be Assets or Liability 

​3. ​Emotions can mean increased income or could end up costing you.


Can you think of an occasion where emotions betrayed your confidence, where perhaps you were emotionally unstable and did not represent yourself effectively​ or professionally?

​A study reported that four Traits of

Successful Leaders included; 


1. Integrity 

2. Responsibility ​- being able to respond and not react​

3. Forgiveness How easily can you forgive yourself

​ and others?​

4. Compassion ​and ​empathy ​ - the ​ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes in every business 

situation and provide​ the​ solution




​is ​having the ability to be aware of 

​your own ​emotions​,​ manage your emotions & manage relationships appropriately. 

 Leaders who are ​unaware about his or her own emotions may not get very far​ in Business


​Final thoughts ....​


Are you in control of your emotions or are your emotions ​in ​control​ of​  you?


​Hope you can join us at another Training kings event




Darren Blackwood

Training Kings leader​




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