Dreams, Visions and God given talents!

January 8, 2018

Mak Singh, captivated the Wolverhampton Breakfast with a message on Dreams, Visions and God given talents.


Mak recalls how as a young child watching a Bollywood film “Dharam Veer” and seeing Dharmendra a muscular (Hercules) Indian actor that made quite an impression on him. At the age of seven, Mak knew exactly what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. At the age of nine he saw a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and began to learn more about this character. The more he learned, he began to vision his career and life path on the same level. He set goals to achieve success as his role model Arnold had achieved.


Mak shared how he had plastered his bedroom walls with pictures of his icons much to the distress of some of  his family members who at one point was concerned at the number of oily half naked muscly men he had on his walls!! However Mak knew the dream he had to be in Bollywood and also a successful body builder / power lifter!


 At the age of ten Mak began martial arts, as his farther did not agree of him lifting weights at a young age. Mak kept the dream in the back of his head, of becoming the strongest and entering movies. At the ageof  thirteen Mak began to work out with weights. He was noticed by a World Powerlifting Champion Athlete 1975, Dharampal and because of his enormous strength and willing to be a winner and was introduced to powerlifting.


Mak was the first teenager in the UK to go behind bars and compete against prisoners. At the age of fourteen Mak was announced the strongest 14-year-old throughout the UK. He worked hard in the gymnasium every day and the hunger for success achieved him the same award the following year for the strongest 15-year-old throughout the UK.


Mak went on to achieve massive success as a power lifter, winning the the British Powerlifting Championships in 1995 and even achieved another dream of owning his own gymnasium! He had lots of media interest and appeared in magazines and newspapers.


A magazine “The Spice Lifestyle” approached Mak and it featured an article of his awards and pictures. This was a dream come true; he could feel the doors opening. Towards the end of his degree, he compiled a project based on Marketing Gymnasium Equipment towards the millennium. This project was also be going to be presented at the world’s famous Gold’s Gym in the UK.


Not long after a Casting director of a movie named ‘London’ approached Mak. He could not believe that  it was all falling into place as he had planned. More importantly, Mak shared that incredibly the movie was produced by his all-time favourite Indian actor Dharmendra. Th Bollywood Actor he dreamed of becoming was producing the film. He was auditioned and given to play a supporting role by Gurinder Chada the director of the movie ‘Baji on the beach’ and ‘Bend it like Beckham’.


In summary Mak’s dreams of;


Becoming a Power lifter  - ACHIEVED

Opening a gymnasium  - ACHIEVED

Have a part in a Bollywood movie - ACHIEVED


There is so much more to the story that Mak shared and additional dreams he has further accomplished by God’s grace including making his mark on community by becoming a Councillor.  Here are some of my reflections that I want to encourage you with;

Remember to:

  • Dream big

  • Display your vision where you can see it daily

  • Pray and work towards your dreams

  • Don’t be swayed by the opinion of others, stay faithful to your unique dream

  • Keep God and His Kingdom at the centre


It was an amazing talk, and the buzz in the room was evident. For some it reignited the desire to keep dreaming and visioning because as Mak proved to achieve them is absolutely possible! It was such a great morning, and as a follow up we will be running a vision board workshop in Feb!


Make a plan to join us at the next event!


God bless


Wolverhampton host






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