12 Principles of Success for Business Transformation

December 8, 2017



t the Bristol Training Kings Bristol Dinner event, we had Demola James share on 12 Principles for Business Transformation. It was an excellent presentation based on Biblical principles that taught us how to maintain a kingdom focus within our businesses and working life! At the end everyone shared which of the principles had really stood out for them, most people had a couple that resonated. Here are the 12 principles, what stands out for you?


1.     WHATEVER YOU DO IN WORD OR IN DEED, DO IT FOR THE LORD AND WITH ALL YOUR HEART. Everything we do daily, we should be doing as unto the Lord, and allow Him to be honoured in and through the business as it belongs to Him. Have we considered that the Lord wants to be a part of your business?


2.     DO ALL THINGS WITHOUT COMPLAINING AND DISPUTING. It is so important that we stay positive in business and maintain a good attitude. There is no problem or challenge that we encounter that is beyond the power and wisdom of God.


 3.     BE HUMBLE, as you run your business. Both accept and encourage criticism and feedback. Humility is a quality dear to the heart of God. Humility can be described as ‘not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less’. Be humble in how you deal with you staff.


4.     WATCH WHAT YOU SAY … don’t be negative. The reality is not always the truth … let your words be encouraging and uplifting.


5.     KEEP LEARNING! Read about your business, and grow in knowledge through accessing courses. Smart leaders realise there is still much to know. Be teachable and get a mentor, so we can engage in lifelong learning.  Strive to learn about the business of business.


6.     GUARD YOUR INTEGRITY can people take you at your word? Even with the topic of timekeeping. Consider yourself as an ambassador of the Lord in the market place. Integrity should be at the centre, model honesty and transparency and ensure these are the core values.


7.     WORK HARD. Short cuts are the longest route to success. Lazy people do not impact the world for good … ask God to evaluate your business etiquette.


8.     SEEK GOOD COUNSE. Mentorship is the opportunity to gain knowledge without paying the price. Good advice is invaluable as we don’t know everything. Find some wise friends to process your ideas, these are your enablers. It could be considered foolish to isolate from people who speak the truth.


9.     HONOUR THE LORD WITH YOUR WEALTH. As we grow in success can God trust us with the riches. Will we be good stewards who will invest in the kingdom?

10.  SHOW MERCY in your business, although some decisions require a tough call, we are where we are by God’s grace. Success can still be accomplished when we are being gracious.


11.  CONTROL YOUR ANGER/TEMPER. This can be a deadly and destructive sin, and may cause you to lose everything. Resentment can rot away at your soul. Never makes decisions in anger. 


 12.  DON’T FEAR PEOPLE. Business leaders only fear God. Letting people intimidate you will cause you to be vulnerable to compromise your integrity. Follow your convictions, be courageous and have faith 

We hope you have been inspired with these principles that will help you to transform your business and your life, feel free to share any testimonials with us by dropping us an email; Fran@trainingkings.co.uk


Have a blessed week, we look forward to seeing you at the next event








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