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November 11, 2017

On November 9th Training Kings hosted a Business dinner and the speaker of the day was the very passionate Helen Howe from Christian Aid, who shared about her life journey up until the point she started the Salt Business Network over a year ago. There was so much to get out of the experiences that Helen shared and I personally connected mostly with the early phases of her life where God took her through understanding purpose and realizing He intends to use people in all walks of life including business.


We met at the Studley golf club in Oxford and while the hosts and existing members of Training Kings were a little sorry about us visitors not getting to enjoy the beautiful scenery due to the darker evening, the warm and enjoyable atmosphere indoors certainly made up for that. The hosts for the event; Reynold and Angela were a lovely duo, and in fact I would say there was such a great mix of people from all walks of life in the room.  The fifteen minute interactive session definitely included people swapping personal details and everyone in the room also seemed keen on listening to other’s stories while sharing theirs


Now, I did learn the art of listening to personal stories recently at a different Training Kings event I attended and it makes such a difference looking at a business card and thinking, for instance:

” oh yes this belongs to the lady who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya”.  This is especially how, I would like to be remembered by a new contact in a personable and warm manner.


As Helen the main speaker, gave her introduction and delved into her story, there were a few things she shared that got my attention which I’d like to share;


First Helen shared that early on in her life she never thought about involving God in what career to take up, this was a decision made with the career adviser. I asked myself …  Do we seek Gods guidance on the career path we want to take or do we believe this has absolutely nothing to do with our spiritual walk with God?


Next Helen talks about her frustration as a Civil Engineer once she got to understand that God does have a purpose for our lives and wants to use us, she expressed that it felt as if being a Civil engineer did not cut it. Maybe she should have been a teacher or nurse or chosen something noble enough were God would use her to serve humanity. She never understood how even a civil engineer can be used by God in their field to prevent accidents, promote safety and ethical practices in the industry especially when having to constantly choose between profits or morals


Helen now works with Compassion Aid and her struggle with finding answers to purpose and being used by God led her to creating a business network within Compassionate Aid called the Salt Business Network. To encourage small and big enterprises to run businesses that serve people and society in a positive way. For centuries now, many Christians tend to believe our purpose in Christ has to be tied only to something that directly involves the church. I believe Helen’s story encourages us to see beyond that. To realize that as a book keeper, a businessman, an author, a musician, soccer player or another profession, you have a role to play for the advancement for the kingdom. What is it that you do in your professional world as the SALT and LIGHT of the kingdom of God?


I was inspired by this amazing lady who went through personal storms like battling cancer with her husband. It was another reminder that the journey with God is never storm free but always

worth it


Oh yes, dinner was also enjoyable!


Rosine N Makanaky

Director and Founder of Crystal Centre in Cameroon, Africa





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