It all starts with the Kingdom!

October 26, 2017

We met over croissants and coffee recently in Peterborough, and got to know the other business owners and visionaries in the room. It was interesting the numbers of connections and shared experiences that were discussed whilst waiting for the full English breakfasts to arrive!


Brian Armstrong shared about his journey from full time work into setting up his own business, coming from a background of working class parents. It was emphasised that all that we do needs to be Kingdom focussed! Something that really stood out was when Brian said "We can break generational curses and start generational blessings with just one decision"! A few other highlights of what he shared included;


 - KNOWING what you are called to do

 - Get the word of God for you, for your business

 - Everyday be in a place where God can lead, guide and give you strategies


It was very encouraging and we were all challenged to answer the following questions based on what we got most out of his talk...


1. What is my next step?

2. When will I take this step?

3. Who am I going to tell that can hold me to account?



We also heard from Tim Jones and he shared an inspiration based on Genesis Chapter 1, these were the key reflections;


 - When vessels are EMPTY they can be filled, its not necessarily a negative when there is something empty


 - If something is SHAPELESS we can go to God for Him to bring the process and structure for shaping, based on Ephesians 4


 - When a situation is LIFELESS, its the LIFE of God that brings it alive


Be encouraged the life of God can and will change every situation


We had a great time at Training Kings Peterborough check out the events page for details of the next one, it'd be great to see you there!


God Bless





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