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October 23, 2017

Errol Lawson was our speaker at the Training Kings Walsall Dinner ​recently; he ​spoke on ‘The 5 Core Abilities Of Highly Effective Leaders’ which I wanted to share with you.​


1. To have the ability to create & communicate a vision for your purpose in life. 


​Errol asked us to consider the following;​


A. What do you want to be known for? 

B.  How do you want to leave people feeling?


2. Having the ability to get the best out of people that you lead


There are two types of leaders 

A Diminisher or a Multiplier 


3. Ability to create & manage wealth 


A. Our personal finances will be a reflection of what  happens in our business

B. It’s important to ​tithe, or ​give generously

C. Going for the affluent customer for ​whom​ finances aren't a barrier. Its not ​about if they can afford it but if they will give their business to you 


4. Lead & defy self-doubt with conviction 


​Addressing and overcoming the '​Imposter Syndrome' 


5. Ability to focus on the key thing & eliminate or delegate the rest.


​Errol also shared on ​the power of goal setting by using The Strategy Circle 

​t​o identify where we want to be, what the barriers could be and an actions plan to overcome them!


It was a really challenging and inspiring evening. You'd be welcome to join us at the next one


Darren Blackwood ​






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