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October 23, 2017

Herman Stewart is The CEO & Founder Of Every Child Needs A Mentor. He is an
award winning pioneering Mentor, Author, Speaker, Strategist, Volunteer &
Very Passionate about Campaigning for Young People In general. He has been
head hunted by many Cooperation's both locally & globally.. His experience
has been in pursuit by a number of areas in Government & Sits on the chair
of Governors as a Trustee,  Businesses & A number of Educational
Establishments. We had the opportunity of hearing him speak at our Training
Kings Birmingham Breakfast Event, it was very inspiring and here are some
of the aspects that stood out to me

The Question was asked 'What are the greatest challenges for an aspiring
Christian Business Person or entrepreneur?

Having Faith -  The example was given of someone who jumps of the cliff &
builds a plane on the way down. A bigger Faith holds more attention, but
necessary. Thinking small Is easier & more comfortable To accept

Sacrifice Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most
people won't so that you can spend the rest of your life most people can't.
This can be possible by being a believer Luke 16 : 8

Confidence & Self Esteem  - Being confident is something you are competent
in even when you are not experienced in that area. Consider how is your
self-esteem, and what you can do to nurture and grow it.

Lastly we were encouraged:-
.       Don't wait the time will never be "just right"

.       Price is only ever an issue in the absence of value

.       People don't buy what you sell they buy what you believe

It was an absolutely amazing presentation, and if you'd like to join us at
our next breakfast check out the 'event' page on our website.

Darren Blackwood
Training Kings Leader




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