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October 11, 2017

Recently I was asked to write a blog about Training Kings, Christian Business Network in Coventry.  Well at first I didn’t know what to write about but then it hit me when taking my little puppy out for a walk this morning.


We all live very busy lives.  I have lived at my current address for 12 years and can honestly say that out of  around 60 houses occupants if I were out around town   I could only recognise only a mere 6 of them .  Now what has that got to do with my Puppy I here you ask ? Well every morning at around 7:45am and most evenings at around 7pm I take Dolly (yes that really is her name) for her daily ablutions. Without fail every day somebody along the street will stop me and ask me how old she is and will stop and chat about their puppy and how long they’ve had it for around 20 minutes.  I have had more contact with my neighbours over the last two weeks than I have managed in over 12 years.


The reason is because we now have a "common ground"  Sometimes in life we need a catalyst to strike up that first conversation.  With Training Kings this is what you will get.


We meet usually on the third Tuesday of the month at the Novatel Hotel in Coventry from 7:30am till 9:30am for breakfast.  Not only have I been able to secure in only three months several thousands of pounds worth of business but I have met and listened to several inspirational speakers.  I have met a lady who has just been awarded an MBE, a gentleman who has trained a Gold medallist discus thrower and a lady who has overcame disability to become financially free as a property investor!


If this sounds like the type of connections your business needs then why not pop along to experience one of our events.  You probably won’t meet my Puppy but you may just meet your next  best customer.


All event details can be found at www.trainingkings.co.uk/events



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