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September 20, 2017

At our September Training Kings Oxford Dinner Event we had the pleasure of hearing from a brilliant speaker Tim Jones, who you can see pictured below. Tim delivered an inspirational talk based on the scripture found in Matthew chapter 14.  Here the disciples were in the boat when a storm rose causing them to be fearful.  Jesus appeared to them in the distance walking on the water.   


This was clearly a time of testing for the disciples as demonstrated by Peter’s fear and his subsequent attempt to walk on water himself.  Tim shared that “....we often have to go through the storm in order to get to where we are going...”  Further, the speaker emphasized the point that when we do go through the storm it is not always our fault. It is therefore essential to remember that when the storm comes we should not feel defeated or give up too early. 


In the midst of the raging storm, in the heat of the battle, when everything was shaking around the disciples Jesus showed up to deliver them.  We should never give up too soon because we cannot determine just how close we are to our destination or how close we are to our desired goal.


Tim highlighted too just how easy it is to miss Jesus during the storm.  This is because there is usually a great deal of confusion and uncertainty around the situation and this often gives rise to fear. One of the key impacts of the storm in the lives of those concerned is fear. It is important to note that one of the weapons the enemy unleashes on individuals during such times is fear.  Fear often halts progress.  It is important therefore to resist the fear which is threatening to paralyze us and choose to take courage.


At seeing Jesus walking on the water Peter gathered himself together enough to ask:  “...Lord if it is you bid me come...”  Peter was willing to step out of the boat but the speaker pointed out that for every one person who steps out of the boat there are many others who choose to remain in the boat!


It can seem like a giant step to move out in faith, when there is confusion and uncertainty all around.  If however God is telling us to step out then we ought to make the move, despite the distractions and despite the many voices which may be speaking to the contrary.  So whatever may represent the storm in our lives we must step out in faith for the victory is ultimately found in the storm.


As Peter stepped out he began to fall then he cried out “... Lord save me...”  Sometimes we may fall and think that we have hit rock bottom but we have not.  The Lord helps those in trouble.  Tim shared that we get very busy and things can quickly get out of balance but during such times we need to press the “re-centre” button.  We need to commit all of our ways unto the Lord.  We need to be grounded in Him.


We should always remember that the everlasting arms of Jesus will never let us down.  Tim reminded us here that Jesus has big hands and at the appropriate time of need he will never let us down. He further stated that we get very busy and often need to press the re-centre button.  We need to commit all of our ways unto the Lord. We need to be grounded in Him.


So why do we go through storms?  Storms are an inevitable part of our life experiences.  The disciples went through them and we will too.  They help to bring us to a place of maturity. Finally we must understand that we go through storms because they are a necessary component to growth because they prepare and equip us for where we are going.  Storms may come but when Jesus enters the boat all is calm and still.  He is able to command every raging storm to be still.  For this reason the journey is always easier when Jesus is in the boat, so BE ENCOURAGED!


Training Kings, Christian Business Network is a great place to be equipped, learn and make business connections. We’d love to join you at our next event!


Reynold & Angela McDowall


Training Kings Oxford




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