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September 13, 2017

We had an awesome time at Training Kings Birmingham breakfast, we had two amazing speakers.


The first of the two speakers, Duncan Lawrence shared his personal testimony, how he went into his job at work with a negative mind-set, and the transformation he underwent. Duncan expressed the ways in which he began to be more focused, and positive similar to that of Paul the Apostle from the Bible. How Paul demonstrated Gods character through reaching out to non-believers about the good news, after experiencing a transformation of heart, and mind on the road to Damascus.


Duncan communicated effectively about different conflicts he encountered at work with his bosses, alongside trying to find a way out of the turmoil, a light at the end of the tunnel. Duncan touched on feelings of bitterness, anger & frustration, Paul's example stood as an inspiration despite what people said or did to him.


Duncan sprang to success by learning about voice over presentations in the studio with the BBC, he became skilled at sound engineering and voice overs, and as a result set up his own business in May 2016. Duncan touched on the scripture Romans 8 verse 28, We know that all things work together for our good, alongside a famous quote from Richard Branson for encouragement, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, and you're not sure if you can, take it and learn what to do afterwards.”


Duncan concluded that when Opportunity Knocks, we should:

1. Listen Up

2. Watch Out

3. Follow On


The second speaker for the event was Ian J Preston, Ian taught about "Objection Handling". He probed the audience with the question, what is your definition of selling? The answer was “to professionally help somebody to buy” Ian kept our attention in his presentation, as he shared the simplicity of his 4-step process of sales:


 1. Probing question

2. Proposals

3. Closing

4. Objection Handling


The main aspect of the presentation was the Negotiation & Objection Handling and having 3 positions for effective negotiations when agreeing a deal, which proved very insightful. These being;


1. The Price deal that you would really like (the cheeky one)

2. The Value Proposition What you really think it's worth

3. Your Absolute Minimum


Overall the morning was fantastic, everybody thoroughly enjoyed the Breakfast, the speakers and meeting with the other attendees



Darren Blackwood

Training Kings Leader




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