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August 15, 2017

If you've never been to a Training Kings event, check out below some of our visitor experiences  ...


"...I liked the fact that the event was informal, but yet still professional. Those at the Training Kings event were very welcoming, and willing to help those in business..."


"...Training Kings, gave me the opportunity to make connections with like-minded Christian Business leaders, which enabled me to network and receive key principles in Business..." 


"...The breaking the silence presentation was absolutely fantastic, and I enjoyed the presentation of the butterfly speech, it was very effective..." 


"...I enjoyed the passion and the energy in the room, and the encouragement I got out of the group..."


"...It was amazing to witness those in attendance, I feel it was such a good environment and individuals could really open up..."


"...I enjoyed the fact that Training Kings gives each attendee a platform to share, and that the events are inclusive. Training kings, also provides professional training, but yet still attendees are very open minded..."


"...Training Kings gives individuals the opportunity to develop their personal faith, whilst still building their business..." 


"...I like the fact, that Training Kings provided me with the space to plan, reflect and pray !..."


"...Training Kings gave me the opportunity to network with other Christian business people..." 


"...Training Kings, had a family feeling..." 


"...Training Kings had a mixture of inspirational stories, business information with regards to strategies, and alongside this networking with others..." 


"...I loved the fact that everyone is friendly, and I learned a lot..." 


"...Last week I attended my first Training Kings event! If I’m honest I’ve made several attempts to attend various events, which for one reason or another, it did not happen, however walking through the doors of the event in Leicester last week, I was surprised by the warmth that exuded from the people in the room!  Whilst I had a vague idea of the structure of the event, I had questioned the degree of personal relevance pertaining to the development of my business, however I was remarked by the quality of the workshops given, along with its inclusivity making it relevant to those in the room. 


Prior to attending the event I was keen to know what time it would finish, but I was one of those who was amongst the last to leave! It was both insightful and refreshing to converse with others of varied  experience and knowledge who were keen to support me in areas of business that I needed to develop. I left the event brimming with ideas as to the next steps to explore, along with new contacts willing to support my journey to the next level.


I will most certainly be attending another one!..."



These experiences are from those who have attended previous Training Kings events, we hope their personal experiences have encouraged you, and we here at Training Kings, would personally love to see you at an up and coming event. 




Training Kings Head Office 








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