Wolverhampton Launch

February 10, 2016

After a busy two months of planning, plugging and preparation the morning had arrived! Driving down the M6 I was nervously excited, and it was one of those times where you replay the worst possible scenarios in your head “what if no one turns up … what if it’s a disaster … what if the talk I’m meant to be giving lasts 2 minutes instead of 20 ..”!! However upon arrival and seeing some of the existing Training Kings members ready for the morning, I was beginning to feel at ease. Last few bits of admin were done, and our guests started to arrive. The buzz was immediate, as people began sitting down and introducing themselves to one another! When I checked the register at 7.30am to my delight we had over 25 people in the room! Time for breakfast, and in an orderly fashion each table was invited to the breakfast buffet to satisfy their taste buds! And as they ate, a few more guests arrived, then a few more and a few more … by the end of the morning we had 38 people in the room!!

Samuel and I had planned out the morning, and we were ready to kick off. I welcomed everyone and gave a brief introduction to Training Kings, after which our usual 60 second round of introductions was slimmed down to 30 seconds to allow enough time for everyone to say who they are and what they do! It truly is amazing what you can learn about people in such a short period of time, some introductions were very professional, some were funny, but all were informative, and you could see business cards were at the ready! After the sharing came the prayer of blessing, as an almost reverent silence filled the room. It’s an important part of our morning, and the affirming ‘Amens’ demonstrated we were all in agreement!

All our guests and existing Training kings members then had 15 minutes to network and share business cards, no one had to be asked twice as connections were made, cards swopped, diaries opened and conversations held! It was a blessing to watch, and see just how much can be accomplished in that slot! Just imagine how much more connections could be made at the future networking slots …

Samuel Leeds, founder of Training Kings shared his signature talk “Do the possible and watch God do the impossible” and it was an honest and inspiring time as we listened intently to Samuel’s testimony, deciding to do what you see needs doing, thereby walking into your purpose. I think people could identify with their experiences seeking Gods will but hearing nothing, and were encouraged to write down what they see, and what needs to be done about some of the challenges in our society and what can be done! The passion and desire to see people succeed was motivating. After a round of applause it was my turn to share about a “Kingdom mind-set” .. you can watch the whole talk on the clip, but my heart was to remind us that we have the opportunity to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally as we build our resources, and put to use our skills in the our differing arenas, but all with a purpose to build the kingdom.

The morning ended with TK members sharing their experiences of being a member and the difference it had made to their lives in different ways! Overall the launch event was a success; from the attendance, to the inspiration, to the connections and motivation. We are really looking forward to the next meeting on Sat 5th March 2015, 7.30 – 9.30am, and hope you’ll join us again. If you have never been please come along and experience for yourself why people found Training Kings had “ ..truly inspired …” them!
Lastly as I drove back home on the M6 absolutely buzzing from what was an amazing launch, I was confidently excited at the future possibilities that can happen when Christians in business network together!




Francesca McDowall
Wolverhampton Host




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