Observe the ant by Samuel Leeds

July 31, 2015

The richest man who ever lived was a God-fearing man. His name is King Solomon and most people know him as he featured greatly in the Old Testament of the Bible.


How many Christian business owners have studied ants? It sounds a little strange but that is exactly what King Solomon tells us to do in Proverbs 6:6.

“Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise."


As Solomon is known for his great wisdom, I have done a brief study on ants that is based on a section of Jim Rohn’s seminar which he entitled "The Ant Philosophy”.


1. Ants Work Together.

You rarely see an ant on its own but regularly see them working together. Individually they are so small, but together they can move rocks and dig through concrete.

Who are you working and collaborating with?

Read Matthew 18:19 and see that when two or three people agree on a common purpose, nothing can stop them!


2. Ants Think Ahead

In the summer they think winter. When everybody else is relaxing, and enjoying the sunshine, the ants are storing up food and shelter ready for the winter.

They do not build their house on the sand like the foolish builder in Matthew 7.

In the same way, in the winter the ants think summer. When everybody else is moping, and complaining they see the vision and are pulled by the future.


3. Ants Never Quit

Most people stop when they hit obstacles. However, when the ant has a rock in its way it will walk around it. If it can’t walk around it then it will climb over it. If it can’t get over the rock then it will dig under the rock. Even if all else fails, the ant will begin to go through the rock!


In Conclusion:

King Solomon was a rich wise man. He has told us to observe the ant so that we may work together, think ahead and NEVER quit.


Therefore, especially to the Christian business owners reading this, I would urge you to continue this study on ants and put into practice what you learn.




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