A P.R. MOT for your business!

May 9, 2017

At the Training Kings, Christian Business Network on 3rd May, I was a guest speaker and talked about PR in terms of giving your business a PR MOT.


This involved giving advice, tips and information to check your business is PR roadworthy, and that you’re making the most of PR opportunities. As well as getting people involved with questions, I also talked about how media relations can help your business’ bottom line, and how you as a business owner can work with the media to raise your profile locally and nationally.


My tips include:

  • Look at different areas/aspects of your business to seek out news stories

  • Use the ‘so what’ test? To find out if your story really is of interest to the media

  • Look for the quirky, different, or unexpected in your business – great for news stories, as are good strong images for picture stories and social media

  • On Twitter follow hashtags like #journorequests and #prrequest to get involved with journalists and bloggers who are looking for stories

  • Use newsjacking – this is where you capitalise on the popularity of a news story for your own business


The host of the breakfast event was Mark Elcocks, who as well as keeping the show on the road, also said that he learned something new from my talk and found it helpful. Result! Another person who found the morning enjoyable, helpful and interesting was…me! It was my first Training Kings networking event not only as a speaker but also as a guest. And I have to say, I think I got a good deal – the best of both worlds. Speaking about what I love to do, and giving others advice and tips to help them and their business is always a thrill, but also having the opportunity to find out how a Christian business network operates was fascinating. From walking into the room with uplifting music playing, to talking to people about their business journey and seeing first-hand the encouragement members give to each other.



The most significant thing I heard that day was from a member who talked about plans for his business - in a very definite way – and added with confidence: ‘this is the plan I have for my business, but it depends on what God has planned for me. I'll listen and be guided.’ The expression on his face said it all. It was one of utter assurance that things would work out regardless. This statement was a real eye-opener for me. It made me think about the confidence he must have in his faith to feel so secure and have that level of trust and comfort. It was deep - very deep.


This is the difference between a usual networking event and what Training Kings stand for. There's clearly another level of work going on here.


This network, and the morning’s event, was very much a new experience for me in many different ways. I see Training Kings as a business network where the Christian faith is at the heart of it but is not the sole focus of it. People here are business-minded and want the best for themselves and each other. And with such a friendly, warm and helpful bunch, I have to say, I’m tempted to return. Watch this space…




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