Password security: how safe is your business?

May 5, 2017

At our Birmingham Breakfast event  we heard from Tristan Martin who is an IT Consultant and qualified teacher who has over 15 years’ experience in the industry. In a world where we do most of our business online Tristan taught on Password Security, and the importance of having a strong password. He explained how hackers work to guess passwords, what it means when "a company has been hacked" and importantly strategies for creating easy to remember passwords, but very difficult for computers to guess!


Here are some of the valuable lessons that Tristan shared which I am sure we can all put to use;


To make a password really secure and easy to remember it should be incorporate;


-          Long

-          Include uppercase

-          Lowercase

-          Numbers

-          Symbols

-          Not easily guessable


However, with really sophisticated computer software that allows hackers to guess passwords it should include all of the above, whilst still being memorable. The solution would be to create a passphrase such as ‘IRock100%@lemmings’


A passphrase is very unique but covers all the necessary elements, making the likelihood of a hacker or hacking software guessing your password a lot less likely.

Consider reviewing your passwords for both personal and business accounts and using a passphrase, especially if your password is still password!


It was an excellent, informative morning. Join us at a future event for more learning that will help you in business



The Training Kings Team





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