Growing your business through LinkedIn

November 22, 2016

Leslie Asante-Ntoni, one of our Training Kings members is a qualified LinkedIn Coach and he recently delivered an interesting and informative workshop on Linkedin profiles at the Birmingham breakfast event. We learnt that this online platform is a great way to connect people, and in turn business opportunities as it has over 20 million users in the UK, and 400million worldwide. It’s important to remember that the same principles apply online as in person.


Leslie taught that your profile should have an impact and implementing the following steps can make a big difference;


1. Review your Profile Picture. If you do not have one in your profile, include one. Invest in a professional head and shoulders shot with a plain or natural background and make sure you smile! It is best not to use a cropped selfie image. In addition, include a banner picture on your profile.

2. Make the most of the Headline under your name as there are 120 characters available to write key points about yourself. This section tells your readers what you can do help them i.e. I help people become financially free through investments. If someone does a google search for ‘finance adviser’ for example and that is in your LinkedIn header it will come up under the search results. In addition, break up the terms using symbols, it’s a great way to catch people’s attention

3. Market yourself using the Summary section. You have 2000 characters to tell the reader what you do, imagine they are reading and considering “WIIFM” or what’s in it for me, so write with that in mind. Read other people’s summary sections to get some ideas when you review yours.


Leslie also shared some other nuggets for how to utilise your LinkedIn account including not hiding your connections, asking people to endorse your skill set and write recommendations for you … but don’t forget to endorse and write recommendations for others also. If people request to connect with you and you do not know them drop them a quick message to ask why they have reached out, or ask out of interest how can I help? Once people you have asked to connect have accepted thank them. Personalise your message re connecting with other people. In addition, it’s important to use the name you are known by, to make it easy for potential clients to find you e.g. Susan vs Susie, Edward vs Ted!


Lastly consider if you were looking for you, your business or service how would you want to be found. First impressions count.




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