Keys to effective selling and lessons from an entertainer

November 16, 2016

We had a brilliant evening of business networking at Walsall dinner event recently, here are some of the highlights;


Alison Johnson, an author, women’s ministry leader and Croydon Training Kings host shared some keys to effective selling;
-We are all salesperson, even if you have a job you ‘sold’ yourselves to our employers, also known as succeeding at your job interview!
- Its the attitude of the sales person not the buyer that's important
- Meet the persons needs and problem solve!
- Bring energy!
- Lose the fear of "no!!" There is a saying that says every no brings you closer to a yes!! And even if they say no, you are no worse off
- Be bold and step in!
- Get a good CRM system, and include the details you want to remember about your potential clients
- Think about quality of your questions, when finding out the needs of your clients, they should be open and exploratory ....
- Only 8% of people make 4 plus contacts to improve their chances of achieving a sale, be one of the 8%
- Add value, create trust and build relationships!!
- Money follows hard work ...
- Learn to under promise and over deliver!
- Do the unexpected

An excellent session, and very insightful as Alison shared stories of her own success in the world of selling! Have a go at implementing some of these strategies and let us know how you get on.


Craig Petty a multi award winning magician from Slightly Unusual wowed the attendees with some amazing magic tricks, after which he presented lessons from being a magician that can develop your business! We were inspired, hope you are too ...
1. Think a few steps ahead of everyone else ... plan ahead! Create long, medium and short term goals! Also set big goals!
2. Be prepared to change things up, if the plan is not working, or if a better option comes up! Look for possibilities
3. Mis-direction .. make people look somewhere else! E.g. If a customer is not happy and gives you a bad review, focus and shout about something positive, e.g. deals!
4. Know your competition.... choose to get along with them and get to know them! Consider a “Strategic alliance” your competition could be your closest ally
5. Have an "out" or have a contingency plan in place! This will help you to be proactive and not reactive
6. Work hard ! Have a good work ethic, as a business owner! Don't get distracted, but work hard at the right things
7. Have a good attitude, you have to believe that you are the best person out there! But its also important to maintain that good attitude! Don't quit!
8. Learn from your successes and mistakes "it's your fault" either way ...


We'd love to see you at our next business or dinner event, book on today!





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