Why I set up Training Kings Oxford by Angela McDowall

August 16, 2016

My name is Angela McDowall. For most of my working life I have worked as an administrator/executive PA. Currently I am a counsellor and psychotherapist. I felt led into this new career path, and feel passionate about helping others overcome their barriers to progression so that they can succeed in life.


My husband Reynold and I first heard about Training Kings through our daughter Francesca, the leader of Training Kings Wolverhampton. She rang one day to announce that she was embarking on this new venture called “Training Kings.” She explained that she was in discussion with the founder Samuel Leeds with a view to becoming a leader. At first we were curious about what she may be getting herself into, but nevertheless encouraged her to go with her heart.


Shortly after our discussion Francesca launched Training Kings Wolverhampton and we were there at the launch. What I experienced at that first meeting was indescribable. It was the experience of a lifetime. Although I had attended similar meetings in the past they did not have a lasting impression on me in the way that the Training Kings meetings have done. I felt a real sense of connection with the attendees and the speakers were phenomenal. Although we had to travel some 100 miles each month to attend the meetings in my opinion the rewards far outweighed the sacrifice. I felt myself transforming as a result of this positive environment.


Roll on a few months and the opportunity arose to start a branch of Training Kings in Oxford and my husband Reynold and I did not hesitate to grasp the opportunity to become leaders. We wanted to share this amazing experience with others and watch them transform and grow as business people and in every sphere of their lives. Training King Oxford was launched in June 2016.

We love working with people and Training Kings has provided a perfect platform to interact and network with other likeminded people. The fusion of business and faith is one of the things that I particular like about Training Kings. In this organisation the two work in perfect synergy.


As leaders, we are able to support, empower and equip others. Training kings is undoubtedly for visionaries. It is for those who not only believe that there is more to life than the daily 9.00 – 5.00, but it is for those actively seeking greater things for themselves, their families and their communities. Further, it is for those who are willing to pursue their dreams and goals and make a difference. Training Kings is able to provide such individuals with the tools and support that they need to help them succeed.


We would love you to join us at the next event.




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