Keep stepping

May 16, 2016

‘Keep Stepping’ with Joy Marsden, Wolverhampton.

This month in Wolverhampton we were blessed to hear a dynamic, engaging and humorous speaker called Joy Marsden. An award winning motivational speaker and authority in self leadership, Joy shared kingdom principles that she often teaches in the arena of business but with the intent to also impact the hearts of her listeners.

The members and visitors were challenged to consider where they are in the ‘KEWW’ of life. It’s not a typing error, let me explain as I invite you to personally reflect. Are you a Knower, someone who considers they know it all, have heard it all before and there is no more to learn. Or perhaps someone who is Emotional, you become excited and enthused about a message or opportunity, but don’t actually do anything about it! The first of the W’s represents the Worrier, whatever you hear is strangled by the issues, and the last W is a Warrior. May we all endeavour to be at this place in the ‘KEWW’ where you know you are determined to step into everything destined for you because you understand you are a Warrior!

Joy asked us to consider what we are doing that is not serving us, or that is holding us back, and suggested that there comes time to “shred”. To get rid of, discard, destroy and ultimately move on from the hindrances. There are things we have to be prepared to do, in order to achieve a change. Whilst also on our journey considering that inner voice, and how we can get it to cooperate with us, not distract or hinder.

The group were encouraged to FOCUS our energy on what we can do, and what we want, not what we can’t do! In addition how not to be held back by our EGO’ s instead be honest enough to ask for help when needed. Lastly SERVE well, in both our personal and professional lives. Joy expands on this in her book ‘Keep Stepping’ and states “Serving in its purest form is making sure when people deal with you, they come away having experienced something that made them feel good.”!


It was an excellent morning of hearing Joy’s inspirational and motivating talk, making new connections, and to round it off Samuel Leeds gave a taster of the talk he will be sharing at the June event on ‘3 Steps to financial freedom! Samuel taught about active income, where you trade your time for money vs passive income! It was very insightful, and to learn more nuggets of truth that will change your life be sure to book your place at the June, Wolverhampton Training Kings event!


I will leave you with one final thought ‘A purpose driven life will always be a more fulfilled life’ ... do what you need to do to make the change, get connected and invest in yourself and the kingdom of God.


Every blessing,

Francesca McDowall
Wolverhampton leader




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