Why I set up Training Kings Wolverhampton

April 29, 2016

I was first introduced to Training Kings in 2013 when I was conference managing at the Midnight Oil conference. At the time however, it was not something I thought was of relevance as I was not in business. I was content with working as an Early Years Consultant for the local authority. After all, when I was younger I worked hard in school and university in order to get a good job !


Whilst I enjoyed my job, I began to realise the limitations in that it was not assisting me to gain financial freedom. In addition no matter how much I excelled there was not always the opportunity to reap the financial rewards. Like many believers there are visions and dreams I desire to fulfil for the Kingdom of God. There are also charitable organisations I want to support, but these take finances, time and resources, which to be perfectly honest were not always in abundance.


In 2014 I started undertaking a coaching and mentoring qualification at university as I discovered a passion and aptitude for supporting people to be different, develop and ultimately achieve their potential. It soon became apparent that a career change and establishing my own business now needed to be the real focus.


I also knew that I required further support and training to become successful. Working full time, however and having ministry commitments meant that I was unable to attend the existing Training Kings events, where I would have the opportunity to receive the necessary training and support. Then in November 2015 during a discussion with the founder of Training Kings, Samuel Leeds, the journey of establishing Training Kings, Wolverhampton began! Reflecting on that meeting I believe it was God ordained and I was so excited that we would be launching this monthly business breakfast on a Saturday morning !


Training Kings, Wolverhampton provides an amazing opportunity for those still in full time work to network, receive training and support as they transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur. A Saturday meeting also provides greater flexibility for those already in business an opportunity to network during the weekend. As the Wolverhampton branch leader it has been an incredible blessing in my life to see our members flourish, receive inspiration, make useful contacts and ultimately grow their businesses !


I'm honoured and thankful to be able to both lead and be a part of Training Kings, a place where Christians can be inspired and equipped to be successful in business. An environment where success is celebrated and encouraged with the purpose to make a difference on a local, national and international level, not for our egos but for God’s glory.





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