Samuel decides to step back as Training Kings grows

December 8, 2015

Members of the network were concerned when Samuel reportedly said,

“With a fourth branch now on the way, I cannot be as involved with the hosting and speaking as I once was. I need to be setting up new branches and overseeing.”


Many people were initially drawn in by Samuels unique passion and enthusiasm so this was a worry, but after Carl Ford hosted his first event in Coventry the feedback was very good.


Tim Gray, founding member, said,

“Carl is clearly a competent businessman, but as he has taken on the Coventry branch it is clear that he is a great leader with an energy and passion that I had not seen before”.


When it was announced that Deborah Hey-Smith would be running the Birmingham meetings she was received well and after her speech was left with a hearty praise of applause.


There are plans of another branch opening in Wolverhampton in February but nothing on the website as of yet. With all these new areas opening up, Samuel was asked what his involvement would be and he responded,

“Of course I will still be present at most of the events, but my focus is to open up 15 new areas over 2016, and I am so grateful to have a team manage the current branches so I can have time to do that. Together we are changing culture.”


Mark Elcocks, who has been a member since the very first meeting, believes that “the speakers currently are better than ever before, saying,

“You would pay thousands just to see some of these guys. With these speakers, this vision and these good hosts, I have nothing but excitement over the year ahead.”


As a treat to non-members, over the next six months there will be many of the talks visible on the website with public access. 




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