The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Christians

June 24, 2015


7 Kingdom Principles that every Christian in Business Must Know;


1. Don’t separate the secular and spiritual


Problems will arise when we compartmentalise our faith and our work.

An old saying says, “The definition of purity is to will one thing.” Meaning that our lives have one ultimate purpose and we should not lose focus. The main thing is that the main thing remains the main thing.

Many people have said, “We need to put Jesus back into the marketplace.” But they forget that Jesus created the marketplace! To be an effective Christian in business you need to learn how to worship while you work, not just at the

church. Enjoy growing your business and being as successful as you can be but always acknowledge your Creator.



2. Have complete integrity


It is arguable that every Christian is a missionary. Some preach in pulpits while others have their ministry in the marketplace while they work. The church is a body and we cannot all be preachers. Do not feel bad if you are not constantly talking about your faith at work though.

St. Francis of Assisi says, “Share the gospel at all times, and when appropriate use words.” So how do we share Christ without words? By living like him, with complete integrity. Let all the people see your good deeds and then they may ask why you are so different. Let them see Jesus in you.


3. Be a cheerful giver


The ancient principle is to give a one tenth of your gross profit to God’s work – the church. This is a great principle and if everybody did this we would change the face of the earth!

Not everybody is in a position where they can give much but I urge you to start this principle now regardless of how much or little you may have. Those that believe they will start giving when they earn more deceive themselves. The bible says, “Him who is faithful with a little will be faithful with much.”

Giving out of duty is ok, but your joy will skyrocket if you can learn to love giving. God wants you to be a cheerful giver because there is no greater satisfaction to the soul than being addicted to generosity.


4. Pray


It is very twisted to think that you are doing God a favour when you pray. God is your father and has given us the gift of prayer. If you choose not to pray you are not punishing God but yourself.

Imagine if Bill Gates gave you his personal telephone number and told you to call if ever you wanted anything and he would get it for you – his treat! Would you be doing him a favour by calling? No! In the same way, God has unlimited resources and has told you to call him anytime.

Not to pray is simply insane! Prayer is not for God but for you. When you pray, things happen. One of those things is you change and become more like Jesus.


5. Join a network


Iron sharpens iron and people sharpen people. Nobody is an island. The church is described in scripture as “a body”. When you agree with two or three others on a common purpose, nothing can stop you.

The key to being highly effective is to know your strengths and weaknesses and play to your strengths. We have all been given our talents and should future them. Richard Branson does not spend time working on the detail, as he is a big picture guy. He lets others do that so he can have space to work to his strengths.

On a business level, joining effective networking groups will likely generate far more business than advertising. This is done by most successful people and networking is an ancient proved strategy.


6. Be content yet ambitious


The Apostle Paul tells us to be content in all circumstances. Yet also tells us to run the race set before us with our eyes fixed on the prize. This may sound like a contradiction but you will live a happy and fulfilled life if you can learn the art of being content while also being ambitious.

Taking massive action and being extremely driven is great. But also know how to rest and remember to keep the Sabbath. Take what you do seriously but do not take yourself seriously. Work as though the world depended on it but know that God is in control and whatever happens is for the good. Be content that God is good, regardless of your current situations.


7. Sharpen your axe


A wise man was asked how he would spend seven hours cutting a big tree down. He responded, “I would spend six hours sharpening the axe and one hour sawing the tree.” You are just Gods instrument and the more time you invest in yourself the more useful you will be.

If you want to be a better preacher, spend more time learning the art. If you want to get more sales in business, read all the books you can find on ‘sales’. Read the books, attend the seminars, rub shoulders with the right people.

The best advice I can give to you is to spend your life continually doing these three things:

Study – read the scriptures, understand philosophies and grow in your personal development


Practise – live out and apply all you know to be right lest you become a hypocrite


Teach – impart your wisdom to others share what you have found to be useful and true.







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